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Transforming the Patient Experience

Capsule endoscopy without clean-out and vastly enhanced diagnostic capabilities

Eat a light meal before traveling to your doctor - no clean-out or fasting required!* At your appointment your doctor will attach sensors to your abdomen and hook a small phone-sized patient data unit (PDU) to the outside of your clothing.  Then you swallow the disposable Innurvision capsule.  After verifying that the capsule and PDU are communicating, you are free to go about your normal day while a high resolution continuous image is scanned of your intestinal tract and securely transmitted to the cloud.

At the end of the day, you can remove the PDU. Your scanned image is automatically evaluated against thousands of similar scans for diagnostic advice.  Your doctor reviews these results, and reviews the image for a formal diagnosis. At your follow-up appointment, you return the PDU and sensors and review your results. The capsule passes naturally out of your system.

* Innurvation Gen 3

A Superior Product

Three patented technology platforms:  360 degree scanning, acoustic communication, and acoustic imaging

360° Scanner


Real-time 360° scanner imaging = high resolution, “continuous”, single image of entire bowel (rather than a huge series of snapshots)

Ultra-Low Power Acoustic Data Transmission / Locationing

Creates room in power budget for improved imaging and enables accurate capsule locationing)



Acoustic imaging eliminates the need for pre-procedure clean-out which will dramatically improve the patient experience.

Benefits across the Board

Better patient experience. Improved doctor productivity.  First and largest database for diagnostic analytics.

Benefit of the largest GI tract dataset:

360° movies (not just snapshots)

Saves Physician review time

As the population dataset grows, capsule endoscopy will no longer require a specialist

The Innurvation endoscopic capsule will offer a 360° “movie-like” view

Reduce current 30-60 minutes/case
to 5-10 minutes/case

Fast data transmission

Easy access to data

Accurate location information

Data flow (via cellular link) eliminates practice bottleneck of downloading data

Server upload, storage & access allows for population-wide diagnostic analytics including IBS

The Innurvation endoscopic capsule is
easily located (via acoustics)











“movie-like” view

review time improvement

return on investment


Some Impressive Numbers

Innurvation’s capsule endoscopy technology (for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal disorders), dramatically improvesᅠ gastroenterologist'sᅠ productivity vs endoscopy or ᅠincumbent ᅠcapsule solutions.

What is Innurvation?

We are a medical device company at the vanguard of the convergence of technology and life sciences

Our Mission

At Innurvation, our mission is to be the leader in innovative imaging and acoustic
technologies for non-invasive diagnostics in the gastrointestinal tract.

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Innurvation is dedicated to becoming the world leader in developing non-invasive diagnostic systems for the gastrointestinal tract.

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Innurvation is dedicated to becoming the world leader in developing non-invasive diagnostic systems for the gastrointestinal tract.

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