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Technology Overview

A Superior Product

A Superior Product

Three patented technology platforms:  360° scanning, acoustic communication, and acoustic imaging

Innurvation has a superior product representing the first and only capsule endoscopy system that uses a 360 degree image scanner, an acoustic communication protocol for data transfer,  and acoustic imaging technology which eliminates the need for patient clean-out.

360° Scanner Imaging

Real-time 360° scanner imaging yielding a high resolution, “continuous”, single image of entire bowel (rather than a series of ~50,000 snapshots from market leader's capsule)

Ultra-low power acoustic data transmission / Locationing

Creates room in power budget for improved imaging and enables accurate capsule locationing)

Acoustic Imaging

Acoustic imaging eliminates the need for pre-procedure clean-out which will dramatically improve the patient experience.

Our Technology

Scanning Imager (Gen-1)

Acoustic Communication (Gen-2)

Acoustic Imager (Gen-3)

Innurvation is using a scanning imager to capture images of the gastrointestinal tract. By using a 360 degree radial scan, the pill will not only capture high resolution images but will also capture the entire circumference of the intestine.


Competitive technology uses a traditional photographic imager with a lens at the end of the capsule. A 360 degree scanning imager results in the following:


  • Higher Diagnostic Yields.
  • Current products have an average diagnostic yield of 70%. Because of peristalsis activity in the GI tract, using a 360 degree radial scan at the appropriate speed will reduce error and result in a higher diagnostic yield.

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Innurvation is using low power acoustics for the transmission of data. This allows for the transmission of data in a low noise environment resulting in the ability to minimize the power required to transmit data and increasing the operational lifetime of the pill over competitive approaches AND enables locationing of the capsule throughout the GI tract.


Competitive technology uses radio frequency (RF) signaling to transfer data from the pill to the data recorder. By using acoustics signaling, it allows for significantly less energy used when compared to RF signaling. The limited power needed to transfer data results in significantly increased battery life.


Innurvation's patented acoustic imaging eliminates the need for pre-procedure clean-out, transforming the patient experience.

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Differentiated Results

The first generation Innurvision capsule results compared to the current market leader

Innurvation vs.

Current Market Leader

360° scannerᅠimaging yields a high resolution,ᅠ “continuous”, single image ofᅠ the entire bowel with increased tissue coverage (vs. a hugeᅠ series of disjointed snapshots) and dramatically speeds, simplifies and improves viewing.



Commercialized Products

Product Development


Field of View

Side Scan

Image Stitching

Frames Per Second

MD Review Time


Cloud Access

Battery Life

Size (Dimensions)



No Clean-Out

Data Transmission

Gen 1





Gen 3


Gen 2













Innurvation is dedicated to becoming the world leader in developing non-invasive diagnostic systems for the gastrointestinal tract.

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